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Auttakaamme romanialaisia tutkijoita kehittämään opettajankoulutustaan

SAIN kirjeen romanialaisilta tutkijoilta. He haluaisivat kehittää oman maansa opettajankoulutusta suomalaiseen - ei amerikkalaiseen testikoulun suuntaan.

He ovat laatineet yksinkertaisen sähköisen kyselylomakkeen, jota he pyytävät suomalaisia opettajia täyttämään.

Linkki on tässä. Eikös auteta heitä!


My name is Carmen Popa and I am a teacher at University of Oradea, Faculty of Social Sciences, Romania. (

Together with other 2 colleagues, one from my university and one from New England College, USA, want to review our educational systems with the idea of making recommendations to ours teacher certification programs. Since we are already 13 years into the 21st century we believe that the way we train pre-service teachers should prepare our students to be teachers who understand the needs of the future for their students. 

At the present time the mentality for both Romanian and American educational system is an accountability mindset. We think that this mind set is causing teachers to limit their curricula and pedagogical practices. Since Finland appears to have a different mind set we would like to learn more about the educational system in your country. We hope to find better ways to prepare our university students and  we believe that can only happen by changing our mindset from an accountability one to that of teaching and learning. If you are willing to share your thoughts and opinions about your educational system, we are optimistic that we will be able to develop exciting ideas for our professors. We believe education in our countries is at a crossroads and if we take advantage of that we can engage our students in an active, exciting and futuristic teaching and learning process. Hopefully you will be willing to assist us in our quest to improve our teacher certification systems. 

Please ask to your colleagues who are open to help us, to fill in our survey. The survey can be found at the following link:

Thank you for your consideration and assistance in our journey. 

Carmen Popa Ph.D., Simona Laurian Ph.D. and Cartlon Fitzgerald Ed.D.

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